caught the empty
exhale the last train
out for the night

descending blank space
making room for me
in the inner circle
of void

where i keep
my own

company safe

heavy on a rope
dangling out the window
attached to a foot
into the lake

exiled breath
into nothing
's peace

Feral Merrill

the naked
hermit, seething

too taut sinew
the integrity
of the entire

it’s a disaster
until it’s

do you
carve out your
legacy, or
trudge untill
you land inside it

i guess

there’s evidence
in pictures, gloss
laid neatly across
the teeth

Ho < Housewife

a note from
your mother
and a Polaroid,

memories are as
fickle as objects

how long does it
take a year to disappear?

Marble skin

you must be
perfect beneath
those scrapes
and bruises

to think in
such a way

Tears over
Bono, why
oh lord must
you flaunt
jagged electric
blue towards us?

Vigilance is reserved
for comical frivolity
i suppose

it’s either
love or
fodder for your

this is graphic

please pull the
tarps over your

it pays to be
royal, basking
in electric glow

media credentialed termites
furiously seek entrance
to your mahogany womb,

you’ll create something
precious someday

it’s entirely possible that
today is a fever dream,
silver (aluminum) lining
held beyond the reach of
testy coils

time limps past
dope-sick and

barely functional
joints rusted, yawning
hinges, don’t you think
one day the screams will
turn too raucous, and someone
will reach for the lube?

keys hang low
from frayed pockets,
i’m no more handyman
than diet deity espousing
our rights to magic bullet,
that is to say, i like to
keep my fingers busy

stirring many pots


still spent

the ink from my
skin, thin legged
frame rubbed raw,
faster than two quarters
can clink

some lager
for the troops,
dogged feet marching
humbly home, captains
of industry drowned out
by the droning of dreary machines

sleep stunted
anemic dreams
whispering shadows
into turgid

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viscerally unobstructed / unfortunate bicycle pants